What we do


Attending college is one of the best experiences many of us will ever have. What's more, one attends college for a variety of powerful personal reasons, reasons beyond the practical one of "getting a good job" afterward, important as that may be. The four years of undergraduate collegiate life can be extraordinarily worthwhile. However, in these intensely competitive, incredibly busy times, carefully choosing a college to attend, and then gaining admittance to it, is somewhat challenging, to say the least.

Many questions come to mind, including: 1) How can students and parents identify which of a thousand colleges and universities may be best suited for a particular high school student? 2) How are you to navigate the increasingly difficult admittance procedures? 3) How can you get necessary assistance for motivating a busy and complex adolescent? 4) How do you manage the daunting task of paying for this inordinately expensive process? 

Your College consulting service guides you through the process in a focused, thoughtful, financially prudent, and relatively stress-free manner. This personalized, in-depth experience will identify ten or more suitable colleges for you to apply to in a timely, effective way. Additionally, the client student will receive expert help with college preparation, application, essay writing, visitation, interview, and final decision processes. Parents will receive guidance, support, and professional advice on all aspects of parenting a young person through this essential experience.


PLEASE NOTE: our service is NOT designed to "get clients into" schools they may not be suited for. It IS designed to target appropriate schools that are likely or possible in terms of admittance, with an occasional reach. Hence our name, YOUR COLLEGE.